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Health and Safety

1.       Your district has been approved because you indicated on the registration form that your district has an SIS vendor.  You will need to use that extract for the import process into the FG 10 software.  If this is not your intention, then contact Vette Wolf, FG Technical Support Manager at  Not using the vendor extract will impact your data in the software.

2.       Your approved SIS vendor extract:  Do NOT alter the approved vendor extract prior to import into the FG 10 state software. 

a.       The approved vendor extract went through a rigorous testing and approval process to get to the final extract.  This approval process is being used to protect the integrity of your school/PE teacher/class/student information.

b.      Make sure you ONLY request and use the extract titled:  FG 10 Extract 2015.  Do not use any other extract that is not using this label.

c.       When you receive your extract , please do not open the file.  Some coding for the fields requires use of leading zeroes.  Opening the file will delete the leading zeroes and can cause problems with your custom import process.

d.      Please review the district IT training documents located here for the custom import process: .  If you have not registered for a training webinar, please do so or review the documents on this web page.

3.       Please have your physical education teachers review the FG 10 software training documents also located here: . 

4.       If you have any questions re: the custom import process or your SIS vendor extract or you have forgotten your login to the software, please contact our technical support team at either or 800-747-4457, option #2.